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Understanding the Application Requirement
  Each organization follows a unique methodology for processes. Thus when a process is to be automated it requires a customized approach and a customized software.
  Our basic function is to understand the objective of the organization for setup of a customized software.
If similar software’s are available ready in the market we suggest our customers to opt for a ready to use solution which would save their time and resources.
Understanding the Processes / methodology the Organisation Follows
  Most times many processes are integrated together generating the final output. Understanding the processes is the key to understanding the requirements.
  Each process needs to be explored to the depth of it and thus is the key to understanding the system requirement.
Understanding the End Users Requirement
  The bottom is where the foundation lies.
We believe the end user is most important part of a system. The end users requirements need to be integrated as per the processes and methods of functioning of the organization.
  The success of any system / software application lies with the satisfaction of the end user. The end user can reject the most technologically advanced system if it does not match to his requirements.
After all he is the one who starts or is at the base of a process.
Understanding the Managements Requirements
  The management’s requirements are more towards the overall functioning of the organization or processes. The requirements differ at each level of the management chain.
  However a strong MIS (Management Information System) which will allow them to monitor the processes and overall functioning of the organization / process is the base requirement.
Drafting a Basic Sketch of The proposed Solution
  Once the requirement is understood, our systems analyst takes over. A basic sketch of the proposed system is drawn as per discussions among our team.
The input and output modules are setup for the programmers to move ahead with the project.
Deciding on Technology
  A Simple Approach for a Complex Solution.
  Most times a simple technology can resolve the most complex problems.
We believe use of technology should be practical. If an application requires simple technology / solution, no need to force a complex solution.
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